About Us

Butiama Cultural Tourism Enterprise (BCTE) began operations in August 2008 from the village of Butiama and is part of a network of community-based Tanzanian organizations participating in the Cultural Tourism Program administered by the Tanzania Tourism Board, and working within the guidelines of the Cultural Tourism Programme of Tanzania’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.


Butiama is located at the following coordinates 1°46′S 33°58′E, in Tanzania’s Mara region which shares a border with Kenya. The driving distance from Butiama to the Kenyan border post of Isebania (Sirari on the Tanzanian side) is approximately 115 kilometres (about 1 hour 30 minutes), a route that is also taken by tourists traveling from Kenya to Tanzania. The Ndabaka entrance to the Serengeti National Park is less than one hour’s drive from Butiama, while the Ikoma Gate entrance to the Serengeti National Park is 2 hours’ drive away.