Mwitongo Lodge

The Mwitongo Lodge has been going through major renovations and is now ready to accept guests.  With a cuisine menu catered by a classy Tanzanian chef, Mwitongo Lodge’s restaurant is of the finest place to eat in the region.  

The Mwitongo Lodge is great place to reside while you experience the many attractions in the area.  A calm setting with nature all around you, Mwitongo Lodge and it’s comfortable setting is a great place to rest while you visit the Serengeti National Park and other attractions.  The Mwitongo Lodge is nestled near the top of a peak next to the historical Presidential Estate of the Father of the Nation President Julius Nyerere.  

With many views from the Mwitongo Lodge, you will enjoy the relaxing comforts of Butiama.  As monkeys, turtles and peacocks wander the lodge while you rest you will have the feeling of nature all around. 

The Mwitongo Lodge’s amenities include a fine dining restaurant with music, 18 guest rooms with plush bedding, a day spa and swimming pool, free WiFi, comforts of outside sitting, and gift shops with souvenirs to take home.   

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