BCTE’s itinerary includes:

Item No.Activity/attractionDurationCommentsFees
Museum Tour
1Mwalimu J.K. Nyerere MuseumThe museum is run by the National Museums of Tanzania.Shs.6,5001,500
BCTE Guided Tour (items 2 -8)$US 5 per visitor2,000
2The mausoluem of Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere
3Birthplace of Mwalimu Nyerere
4Tour of the compound of Chief Nyerere Burito (Mwalimu Nyerere’s father)
5Tour of the residences of Mwalimu Nyerere (including a visit to his library containing more than 8,000 books)Voluntary contributions for the maintenance of the library are accepted. Visitors who wish to visit the library should inform the coordinator when booking the tour.
6A description of some aspects of the culture and traditions of the Zanaki ethnic group
7Viewing of prehistoric art on a granite rock face located within one of Mwalimu Nyerere’s residences
8View and explanation on the Muhunda ancestral forestThis is the forest where the council of elders performs rituals to appease the Muhunda spirit.
Additional attractions/activities by prior appointment (Items 9 – 17). Additional charges apply.
Item No.Activity/attractionDurationCommentsFees
9Traditional cultural dance groups1 hourCurrently there are three groups that offer dances of various ethnic groups of Mara region and of other Tanzanian groups. Prior bookings required to arrange performances.Costs for a one-hour show: $US 150
10Sukuma snake dance2 hoursWe also offer the spectacular Sukuma snake dance from the Bujora Sukuma Museum. The group performs not only dances of the sukuma ethnic group, but also a variety of dances from around Tanzania.Cost for the show: $US 250.
11Mtuzu Hike3 -4 hoursLight trainers are necessary for this leisurely hike to Mt. Mtuzu where visitors will enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside and will be able to see both Lake Victoria and the Mara Bay, where the Mara River flows into Lake Victoria. Mt. Mtuzu also contains old markings on granite rocks which locals believe mark the spots containing hidden treasures left by German colonialists.$US 50 per group.
12The Mt. Balili Hike4 hoursThis hike takes the visitor to Bunda to hike up Mt Balili. The summit offers a breathtaking view of the part of the Serengeti National Park, below, and a view of Lake Victoria to the west.Guide fees are $US 10 per person per hike (minimum of four people). Excluding transportation.
13Mwalimu Nyerere’s farm .tour1 hour (distance 10 kms. roundtrip)Mwalimu Nyerere was an ardent farmer. This tour will lead the visitor through some of his farms which members of his family continue with the farming tradition $US 20 per group with visitors’ own transportation
14Tour of the compound of Chief Edward Wanzagi30 minutes (distance 3 kms roundtrip)Chief Edward Wanzagi’s compound provides further insights on the culture and traditions of the Zanki ethnic group$US 20 per group with visitors’ own transportion.
15Visit to traditional healer/soothsayer2 hours (distance 8 kms. roundtrip)Some members of the Zanaki regularly consult healers/soothsayers. This visit reveals what happens during such consultations.$US 80 per group with visitors’ own transportation.
16Visit small-scale miners of Buhemba village5 – 6 hoursVisitors are taken on a tour that shows how small-scale miners extract gold-bearing rocks, the crushing process, and the final processing of the ore, up to viewing the finished product.$US 50 per group with visitors’ own transportation. Transportation quote can be provided on request for visitors without transportation means.
17Weekly market tour (Wednesdays only)1 hourThe weekly market draws buyers and sellers from surrounding villages. Items on sale range from farm produce to used clothing and an assortment of household items. Local brews are also on offer and the visitor will receive a detailed explanation on the production process of these brews.$US 20 per group.
18Mt. Chamuriyo hikeDay tripFor visitors preferring a rigorous challenge, Mt. Chamuriyo, Mara region’s highest mountain, is a perfect choice(Pse ask for a quotation because costs vary with group sizes)
19Lake Victoria and Chibuya Island boat tourHalf day tripThe trip begins from Musoma on a private motor launch and takes the visitor to Chibuya Island where the visitor will view the daily life activities of residents at a fisherman’s village.$US 250 per trip (maximum of 8).
20Mountain bike rideA ride to the nearby village of Muriaza, a roundtrip of 13 kilometres.$US25 guide fee per trip; $5 bike hire. Maximum of five riders.

*these attractions are part of the regular tour that lasts about 2 hours