Geographical Coverage of BCTE under the Cultural Tourism Programme

As part of the Cultural Tourism Programme code of operations, BCTE offers visitor itineraries not only within Butiama but also to the neighbouring villages of Nyamuswa, Buhemba, and Mariwanda.

Extended Geographic Coverage

The western Serengeti National Park’s Ndabaka Gate entrance is only 80 kilometres from Butiama, making Butiama an ideal stopover for visitors traveling to and from the Serengeti.

In addition to its strategic location close to Tanzania’s famous national parks, BCTE’s location near Lake Victoria provides visitors the opportunity to experience some of northern Tanzania’s less-traveled tourist destinations including the Iramba and Chibuya Island tours on Lake Victoria, which are rich in bird species.

Partners and Collaborators

BCTE operates as a coordinating agency and engages various service providers that are available locally to provide the required services to visitors. The current shortlisted service providers include guides, interpreters, food and accommodation providers, and transportation.