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7 reasons why you need to visit Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is an East African lake located between Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. It’s most part (49%) is located in Tanzania and it has main ports on different parts of East African countries including Kisumu, Mwanza, Bukoba, Entebbe, Port Bell and Jinja. Here are the reasons why you need to visit this beautiful lake:

  1. See the largest lake in Africa
Lake Victoria, Tanzania

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa bordering Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda and is considered the fourth largest lake in the world with its 70,000 square meters.

2. Take a boat trip

From the port of Musoma you can embark on a local getaway aboard a fishing boat and you will wander on the largest lake in Africa. This experience emerges in the heart of African fishing and you’ll discover an exceptional flora and fauna.

Boat trips are fun way to enjoy Lake Victoria, Tanzania

3. Discover the Musoma port

Musoma Port, Lake Victoria

You can’t see the lake without going through its atypical Musoma port that shares fishing and local commerce. Very dynamic, you will immediately feel very welcome by its friendly population and its amazing trade.

4. See Unique Flora and Fauna

Baboons, unique bird migrations, multicoloured lizards, I hope you are ready to discover all the typical animals that abound the Lake Victoria. Great by its fauna and flora you will discover unique landscapes that will transport you to the heart of the beauty of the region.

5. Discover the local fishing

Do you like fish? You are at the ideal place to enjoy exceptional sardines. Lake Victoria will take you on a discovery of the local fishing very atypical.

6. Discover the Tanzanian culture by meeting the inhabitant

At Lake Victoria you won’t only discover fishing, local commerce and exceptional fauna and flora, you could meet the inhabitant who will welcome you warmly to make you discover his culture.